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Top 8 Components of a Well-Written Lesson Plan


Whether you're working on your teaching credential or being reviewed by an administrator or evaluator, you will often need to write out a lesson plan during your teaching career.

Make sure it includes the eight essential components of a strong, effective lesson plan and you'll be on your way to achieving every teacher's goal: measurable student learning.

Use the blank lesson plan template to stay organized.

1. Objectives and Goals

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The lesson's objectives must be clearly defined and in lined with district and/or state educational standards.

2. Anticipatory Set

Before you dig into the meat of your lesson's instruction, set the stage for your students by tapping into their prior knowledge and giving the objectives a context.

3. Direct Instruction

When writing your lesson plan, this is the section where you explicitly delineate how you will present the lesson's concepts to your students.

4. Guided Practice

Under your supervision, the students are given a chance to practice and apply the skills you taught them through direct instruction.

5. Closure

In the Closure section, outline how you will wrap up the lesson by giving the lesson concepts further meaning for your students.

6. Independent Practice

Through homework assignments or other independent assignments, your students will demonstrate whether or not they absorbed the lesson's learning goals.

7. Required Materials and Equipment

Here, you determine what supplies are required to help your students achieve the stated lesson objectives.

8. Assessment and Follow-Up

The lesson doesn't end after your students complete a worksheet. The assessment section is one of the most important parts of all.

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