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Lesson Plans are the meat and potatoes of your teaching career. By explicitly determining your lesson's purpose and how your instruction will meet that objective, you increase your students' chances of success every hour of each day.
  1. Write Lesson Plans Clearly
  2. Incorporate Strategies
  3. Assessment
  4. Teach With Technology
  1. Quick Multi-Purpose Lessons
  2. Lesson Plans by Grade
  3. Lesson Plans by Subject
  4. Lesson Plans by Month

Write Lesson Plans Clearly

Whether you are working on your teaching credential or providing specific documentation to your administrator, it's important to write clear and effective lesson plans.

Incorporate Strategies

Incorporate learning strategies into your lessons. These strategies represent the most fundamental skills that effective teachers use on a daily basis to be successful.


You can't teach your students unless you first assess exactly where they are and what they're developmentally ready to learn. These resources will help make your assessment tasks easier and more effective.

Teach With Technology

Help Integrate technology across the curriculum, by using the following resources to encourage the use of technology in the classroom. Here you will find resourceful apps, internet tips, computer skills, Smart-board information and news about the newest technology in education.

Quick Multi-Purpose Lessons

Sometimes you need quick, simple lessons that can be implemented in a pinch with zero fuss. Keep these easily adaptable lessons handy at all times.

Lesson Plans by Grade

Quickly find lesson plans for the grade level you teach. But keep in mind that almost any lesson can be adapted to suit younger or older students with a bit of ingenuity.

Lesson Plans by Subject

A collection of K-6 lesson plans organized by subject. For maximum efficiency, try to make your lessons interdisciplinary. For example, incorporate Language Art standards into the writing projects for History.

Lesson Plans by Month

A collection of K-6 lesson plans organized by month/season. Find holiday-related lesson plans, activities, ideas and more for elementary school teachers.

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