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Professional Growth and Development

Professional Development resources that help you be your best professionally. The best teachers are reflective, always striving to better themselves and their practices. Here's what you need to know to take your teaching to the next level!

Top Books for Educators
Here you will discover the top books for educators. Learn how to create student innovators, make winners out of struggling readers, and learn about the "app generation" in this must-read review of the best books on the market today.

Get Answers: What is the Common Core?
What is the common core? Discover answers to the most frequently asked questions about the common core state standards in education.

Perfecting Your Professional Portfolio
Creating a teaching portfolio is essential to help you land your first teaching job or advance in your career. Learn the in's and out's of perfecting your educational portfolio.

Educational Philosophy Sample Statement
Here you will find an educational philosophy sample statement. Use this example as inspiration to help you create your own statement.

5 Buzzwords Your Most Likely to Hear in Education
Here you will discover 5 common buzzwords that are used in education. Stay up-to-date with the latest educational jargon and their meanings in this quick guide for teachers.

Student Expectations for Beginning Teachers
A simple guide of student expectations for new teachers. Learn suggestions to help beginning teachers make realistic and achievable goals for their students.

Promoting Student Growth
Discover ways that teachers can promote student growth in the elementary education classroom. Learn tips, techniques and suggestions that will help your students succeed in school.

What is your Educational Philosophy?
Every effective teacher has an educational philosophy to guide his or her instruction and outlook. What is your Educational Philosophy?

Six Traits of Successful Teachers
Successful teachers share these six key traits. Cultivate these attributes in yourself to maximize your effectiveness in the classroom.

Job Sharing Pros and Cons
Is Job Sharing the right choice for your teaching career? Here's a look at the pros and cons of sharing a contract with another teacher.

Tips for Succesful Interactions in the Teacher's Lounge
Make sure your interactions in the teacher's lounge are geared toward achieving the same success you create behind your classroom walls.

How To Deal With A Problem Principal
If you sense growing tension with a problem administrator, you must be proactive. Here's how to do it...

The Value of Self-Reflection
Why teachers should pause and relfect on the successes and shortcomings of the previous school year as a new year begins.

Tutoring on the Side: How to Get Started - Become A Neighborhood Tutor
It's easier than you might think to start a tutoring business in your neighborhood. Whether you're ready to tutor on the side or just take a break from the classroom, your education experience and skills lend themselves perfectly to tutoring. Let me offers you some tips and strategies for success.

Tutoring on the Side: How to Get Started
Have you ever considered tutoring in addition to your classroom duties? Tutoring can be a lucrative and personally rewarding venture that takes the best of teaching and combines it with the convenience of designing your own schedule.

Tutoring On The Side - How to Be Effective and Organized
Part 2 of my article on how to set up a tutoring business on the side if you're a teacher.

Make the Most of Your Summer
Make the Most of Your Summer

Your Summer: To Do List or Trashy Novel?
Every summer, we can choose to keep moving or slow down and recuperate. What are the pressing issues you must consider in order to make this decision?

John McCain's Statements on Education
John McCain's Statements on Education in the Final Presidential Debate

Profession Reading for the Summer Months
Profession Reading for the Summer Months

Barack Obama's Statements on Education
Barack Obama's Statements on Education in the Final Presidential Debate

Job Sharing - Share Your Opinions About Teachers Job Sharing …
There are many pros and cons to teachers job sharing. If you've job shared before (or are just passionate about the topic), share your opinions and insights with other educators who may be thinking about taking the job sharing plunge.

Teacher Dress Code - What is an Appropriate Teacher Dress Code?
Share your opinions on the surprisingly controversial topic of how teachers should dress. What is a professional dress code for teachers?

Teachers Time Management - Tips for Teachers Time Management
There's never enough time in the day for teachers to get everything done. Share your top time management tips here, and learn a few new strategies from other educators around the world.

How to Be a Better Elementary School Teacher
Are you looking to improve your teaching? Here you will discover 10 ways to be a better elementary school teacher today.

Creating Innovators Exerpt By Tony Wagner
Get a sneak peek of the book Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner. Learn how the education expert, Tony Wagner explores how young people can change the world.

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